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The very beginning of Sketch Logo AI

Meet Berk Elmas. Berk is a product manager based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Berk Elmas

Together with Burak Uyar (development) and Can Elbirlik (AI), Bert has build Sketch Logo AI. A tool to simplify 2D and 3D logos, illustrations, and tattoo design. Basically the goal is to make the creative process a breeze.

Screenshot from Sketch Logo AI

The story told by Berk

Sketch Logo AI originated from the question;

What if you could bring your unique ideas to life without requiring advanced design knowledge or drawing skills?

Recognizing the transformative potential of AI in making this vision a reality, we created this tool to embark on a journey to enhance it to its fullest extent.

Screenshot from Sketch Logo AI

During the product development phase, which spanned approximately 1.5 months, we divided our tasks among ourselves. One focused on the AI aspect, another on development, and the third on product management. This collaborative approach enabled us to launch the tool on January 17th 2024, despite each of us maintaining full-time jobs.

Fortunately, we achieved 100 users within the first week of the launch through a combination of paid and organic marketing efforts. Currently, we boast +20 customers, +2500 users, and +5000 visitors.

Screenshot from Sketch Logo AI

Although our initial paid marketing efforts did not yield the expected results, we quickly adapted and leveraged organic marketing strategies. Iniatives such as submitting our tool to startup directories like Product Hunt and implementing SEO blog posts and Reddit threads have proven successful.

Below you’ll find links to some of our marketing initiatives:

Check out Berk on X or contact the team at [email protected]

This is the end. I hope you enjoyed the very initial and short story of Sketch Logo AI.