How Karma Bot grew to $50k MRR

Meet Stas Kulesh. The co-founder of Karma Bot. A tool to help build stronger and happier teams.

Stas is a serial entrepreneur currently based in Kraków, Poland.

His journey has been quite unconventional - from studying computer science and nuclear physics to playing in a band and developing indie games. However, his true calling lies in creating products that solve real-world problems.

Stas Kulesh

The story told by Stas

Launching Karma Bot in early 2017, it took us a year to reach our first 100 customers. As a bootstrapped team, marketing was our main challenge. Our initial customers came from a Product Hunt post, but growth was slow, with Karma making only $200/month for the first two years.

Joining the first batch of YC School was a turning point. Karma grew to $2k/month within months. Content marketing, such as blog posts (example) and case studies (example), showcased how Karma Bot improved team culture and productivity. SEO helped drive organic traffic.

Partnerships with Slack and Microsoft Teams were key to early growth, giving us access to a larger user base and credibility. Being an early, quality product in their marketplaces was crucial.

Karma Bot integrations in Microsoft Teams and Slack

Targeted outreach to blogs, podcasts, and direct sales proved more effective than paid channels like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

Today, Karma Bot has over 15,000 weekly active users and generates around $50k in monthly recurring revenue. We continuously iterate based on customer feedback.

Below a few screenshots from Karma Bot.

Screenshot from Karma Bot

Screenshot from Karma Bot

Screenshot from Karma Bot

Screenshot from Karma Bot

Screenshot from Karma Bot

Screenshot from Karma Bot

To learn more about Karma Bot, visit Feel free to email Stas at [email protected]